Tuesday, August 30, 2016

September is National Preparedness Month! Don't Wait... Communicate

Communication is the key to emergency planning. Sometimes planning is the hardest part or preparation.
"Preparation doesn't require doing everything, but it does require doing something"
Approach your planning like you would if you were having a BBQ for Labor Day. There are so many moving parts to planning a BBQ. Who to invite. Getting the BBQ ready. Do I have propane in the BBQ? What are the sides dishes and drinks. Then there is the timing... How long will the steaks take to cook? Medium? Rare? Well Done? .... AHHHH!!!! So Many Decisions!!!.
Disaster preparation is no different than planning a BBQ. Break it into small parts and address each one individually. Break it into smaller parts, finish that one piece, then move to the next.
The La Habra Heights Fire Department encourages everyone to start with a few basic steps.
1.   COMMUNICATE YOUR PLAN today. It may not be a complete plan, but it is a good starting point.
2.   Download the FEMA Disaster Preparedness App to help you get your plan going.
Make a plan. Communicate
 Download the FEMA App
Download the FEMA Disaster Prep APP

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