Monday, May 9, 2016

La Habra Heights Fire Department Hosts 2016 Wildland Training

Wildland Training with Area E Fire Departments 2016 | by LHHFD

In April, 2016, the La Habra Heights Fire Department had the privilege of hosting the "Area E" regional wildland firefighter training in the Heights. Firefighters from La Habra Heights joined with firefighters from Compton, Santa Fe Springs, Vernon, and Downey fire departments. We spent 3 days in a combined classroom and field exercise training sessions, designed to enhance our ability to support each other during the upcoming wildfire season.
Fire Chief Doug Graft from La Habra Heights shared his 38 years of knowledge and experience in wildland firefighting operations during the presentation. This presentation included a discussion of the 1955 "Hacienda Fire" in La Habra Heights which killed 5 firefighters and a Los Angeles County Fire Captain during an entrapment.
Wildland Training with Area E Fire Departments 2016 | by LHHFD
Firefighters then caravanned thru the Heights to a remote location to practice working together; extending nearly a thousand feet of hoseline and pumping.
Wildland Training with Area E Fire Departments 2016 | by LHHFDFirefighters were able to practice deploying fire shelters in simulated wind conditions.
In all, over 100 firefighters from local mutual aid fire departments participated in this training. Residents can expect to see other local and regional mutual aid fire departments, who are likely to support La Habra Heights in our firefighting operations, conducting pre-fire training and planning. In addition, command staff from La Habra Heights is working  with allied agencies to improve communication among their command staff.